Steffen Ullrich wrote:

> git-send-mail does not use Net::SMTP directly for SSL support, but:
> - for direct connections (port 465) it uses Net::SMTP::SSL which just
>   replaces the superclass if Net::SMTP with IO::Socket::SSL and thus
>   implicitly supports IPv6 (because IO::Socket::SSL does)
> - for plain connections with SSL upgrade git-send-mail uses Net::SMTP for
>   the initial connect and then does Net::SMTP::SSL->start_SSL (e.g.
>   inherited from IO::Socket::SSL) to upgrade the socket to SSL.
> The problem here is that Net::SMTP does not support IPv6, but this
> should be solvable by using Net::INETGlue::INET_is_INET6 before loading
> Net::SMTP.

Sounds like a good change, fwiw.  Even after Net::SMTP is fixed, it
would be useful as a way to make sure git works well with old versions
of Net::SMTP too.

> But all these tricks are just workarounds for missing IPv6 and SSL support
> directly in the Net::SMTP, Net::FTP and Net::POP3.
> I therefore repeat my proposal from RT#93823 (no response yet) to add
> transparent support for IPv6 and SSL into these modules. By transparent I
> mean that the features are available if the necessary modules are installed
> (e.g. IO::Socket::SSL for SSL and IO::Socket::INET6 or IO::Socket::IP for
> IPv6), but that it works like before if they are not installed.
> I don't have these patches yet, but most of the necessary code is already
> there in Net::SSLGlue and Net::INET6Glue.
> Would you accept and incorporate such patches?

Thanks for a kind offer.  I am not Net::SMTP upstream, but I'd be
happy to work with upstream to get such patches applied.

Thanks for your work,
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