W. Trevor King wrote:
> On Thu, May 01, 2014 at 12:48:46PM -0700, W. Trevor King wrote:
> > My interest in all of the proposed git-pull-training-wheel patches is
> > that they give users a way to set a finger-breaking configuration that
> > makes pull a no-op (or slows it down, like 'rm -i …').  Then folks who
> > compulsively run 'git pull' (e.g. because SVN habits die slowly) can
> > set an option that gives them something to think about before going
> > ahead and running the pull anyway.
> Actually, what do we think about an -i/--interactive flag (with an
> associated pull.interactive boolean config to setup global/per-repo
> defaults)?  Then after the fetch, you'd get one of the following:
>   Merge $count commits from $repository $refspec into $current_branch?
>   Rebase $count commits from $current_branch onto $repository $refpec?

Not much interactivity in those options. Maybe --prompt would make more

>   Fast-forward $current_branch by $count commits to $repository $refpec?

Why would anyone say 'no' to this one?

But your wording made me realize that my proposed option 'merge-ff-only'
is not appropriate, because in theroy the user can think about it as
'rebase-ff-only'; in other words, a 'fast-forward' is not really a
merge, and not really a rebase.

> and have a chance to bail out if you saw:
>   Merge 1003 commits from git://example.net/main.git master into my-feature?
> because you forgot which branch you were on.

Yes, that might be nice. But we still need to change the defaults.

Felipe Contreras--
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