Hi Jonathan

Thanks for the answers

> I think it's more that it never came up.  Excluding the current
> $GIT_DIR from what "git add" can add (on top of the current rule of
> excluding all instances of ".git") seems like a sensible change,
> assuming it can be done without hurting the code too much. ;-)

I did notice it to have come up in the forums in some related but
non-transparent ways.

Anyway, this can hopefully be easily fixed and I can look into it. My
understanding is, that unlike the special treatment of ".git", the
alternative repository (call it '.gut') should only be "ignored" at
the *top* of the work tree and not anywhere deeper inside. And of
course, the special treatment (that is, the ignoring) of ".git" should
be kept as it is. Am I right?

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