W. Trevor King wrote:
> I've renamed this sub-thread (which started around $gmane/247835) to
> avoid potential confusion/dilution.


> > > The goal is to train them to do:
> > > 
> > > >   % git config --global pull.mode none
> > > >   % git fetch
> > > >   % git merge --no-ff
> Sticking to my 'no-ff' topic branch example, this should have been:
>   git merge --no-ff remote branch
> I want folks to use --ff-only when pulling their default upstream.

That's proposed to be the default anyway, so they won't need it.

> > > The 'git pull' (with 'none' mode) explainer just helps retrain folks
> > > that are already using the current 'git pull' incorrectly.
> > 
> > If you are going to train them to use a configuration, it should be:
> > 
> > % git config --global pull.ff false
> I don't want all pulls to be --no-ff, only pulls from topic branches.

Pulling some branch to a topic branch, or pulling a topic branch to
another branch?

Either way, since I think these two are different modes:

  1) git pull
  2) git pull origin topic

Maybe it would actually make sense to have a configuration specific to
2): pull.topicmode.

This way they could do "pull.topicmode = merge-no-ff". Or maybe we need
arguments: "pull.topicargs = --merge --no-ff".

Felipe Contreras
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