I know there are a few people on this list that do git training in
various forms. At $dayjob I've been asked to run a few training
sessions in house. The initial audience is SW developers so they are
fairly clued up on VCS concepts and most have some experience
(although some not positive) with git. Eventually this may also
include some QA folks who are writing/maintaining test suites who
might be less clued up on VCSes in general.

I know if I googled for git tutorials I'll find a bunch and I can
probably write a few myself but does anyone have any advice from
training sessions they've run about how best to present the subject
matter. Particularly to a fairly savy audience who may have developed
some bad habits. My plan was to try and have a few PCs/laptops handy
and try to make it a little interactive.

Also if anyone has any presentations I could use under a CC-BY-SA (or
other liberal license) as a basis for any material I produce that
would save me starting from scratch.

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