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> Hi,
> Matthieu Moy wrote:
> > By default, Git used to set $LESS to -FRSX if $LESS was not set by the
> > user. The FRX flags actually make sense for Git (F and X because Git
> > sometimes pipes short output to less, and R because Git pipes colored
> > output). The S flag (chop long lines), on the other hand, is not related
> > to Git and is a matter of user preference. Git should not decide for the
> > user to change LESS's default.
> Thanks!  Sounds like a very good change.
> (Nit: instead of "because Git sometimes pipes short output to less",
> it would be clearer to say something like "when Git pipes short output
> to less it is nice to exit and let the user type their next command".)

It's actually a bit more than this: X to avoid initializing the terminal
and F for the exit behavior you describe.

But since the change is actually not about F and X, I prefered keeping
the text about them as short as possible, so I prefer my version actually.

Matthieu Moy
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