Some more info:

        If I use in 5-th command “—prefix=--prefix=mb/trunk/src/libs“ - issue is

        If “—prefix=--prefix=mb/libs“ - all work fine

        With “—prefix=--prefix=mb/trunk/libs“ I haven’t tried, if it is desired
to check this case, just let me know.

On 5/6/14, 15:35, "Klishevich, Yauheni" <> wrote:

>I have some troubles with git command ³read-tree².
>I have big project and I try to add shared library to subdirectory. So I
>made the following in my project (on master)
>git remote add
>git fetch groundwork
>git checkout ­b gwbranch groundwork/master
>git checkout master
>git read-tree --prefix=mb/trunk/src/ru.uralsib.dbo.client.iphone/libs/ -u
>git commit ­m ³add groundwork to libs²
>After that I make small change in one file inside libs (for example in
>"mb/trunk/src/ru.uralsib.dbo.client.iphone/libs/groundwork/notes.txt² and
>commit with 
>git commit ­a ­m ³test commit²
>Then I made: 
>git checkout gwbranch
>git merge --squash -s subtree --no-commit master
>And after this instead of merging I find the whole main project in subdir
>If I do the 5-th command with ‹prefix option value equal to for example
>³libs² tether than something like ³subdir/subsubdir/Š/libs² - all works
>I think that it is bag, because I experimented quite a lot with deferrent
>values. I think that problem in directory name with dots, i.e.
>Could you please help me with this issue. If you need to add some more
>info about this case I will provide.
>Thanks in advance.
>Best regards, 
>Eugene Klishevich
>skype: eugene.klishevich

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    • read-tree bug Klishevich, Yauheni

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