Timo Teras <timo.te...@iki.fi> writes:

> I'm trying to script a setup that would periodically import a tarball
> to git with fast-import. But things do not always change, so I'd like
> fast-import to be able to not do the commit in case there is no change.
> That is, I'm constructing the commit with "deleteall" + importing each
> object by mark after that. Now, in case nothing changed, fast-import
> will happily create an empty commit for me.
> Would it be possible to add some flag that would make commit fail in
> case nothing changed?
> Any suggestions how to do this?

I am not sure if such a conditional logically belongs to what
fast-import does.  Would it be an option for your script to rewind
the HEAD after the import is done and it finds that the tarball did
not have anything interesting new?
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