David Turner <dtur...@twopensource.com> writes:

> Would you prefer that I add it to t6022-merge-rename.sh?  Or I could
> add it to t7062-wtstatus-ignorecase.sh and rename that file to
> t7062-ignorecase.sh.  

If I had only these two choices, t6022 would be it, as 6xxx series
is where we have other tests for merge-recursive.

I actually do not have a problem with adding a new file in t6xxx
series as you did in this patch, if a longer term direction is to
add more cases to it to make sure various paths that are only
different in their cases (not just <TC, TC, tc> combination where
one side renames, but things like <tc, TC TC> combination where both
sides rename, etc.) are handled correctly during a merge.


By the way, I see "touch" used to create a new file in the test,
like this:

+       touch foo &&
+       git add foo &&

Please don't.  Instead, do it perhaps like this:

        >foo &&
        git add foo &&

The primary purpose to use "touch" is to update a file's timestamp,
and using it to create a file is misleading to readers.
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