Junio C Hamano:

But why does the workflow need --date=now in the first place?

I tend to do this quite a lot, after fixing up a commit using rebase, I notice that the commit date is when I first started fixing the issue, even if that was a week or so ago. I then like to reset the commit date to reflect when I actually was done with it, and try "commit --amend --date=now".

I just haven't been annoyed enough to patch the code to fix it (so the git repository at my $dayjob does have a number of commits with the "wrong" commit time in it [1]), but I would welcome such an addition.

\\// Peter - http://www.softwolves.pp.se/

 [1] The last such is one that took me about a week to implement:
      AuthorDate: 2014-04-15 15:48:38 +0200
      CommitDate: 2014-04-22 09:23:25 +0100
     it'd look better to have the AuthorDate at the 22nd as well, imho.
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