Matthieu Moy wrote:
> Felipe Contreras <> writes:
> > It's better if all our scripts use the same '/usr/bin/env python'.
> Why?
> Using python2 for is a deliberate decision:

If you want to use python2, then use '/usr/bin/env python2'.

> "The git-multimail project itself is currently hosted on GitHub:
> We use the GitHub issue tracker to keep track of bugs and feature
> requests, and GitHub pull requests to exchange patches (though, if you
> prefer, you can send patches via the Git mailing list with cc to me).
> Please sign off your patches as per the Git project practice."
> )

If you are going to follow practices different than git.git, then
multimail shouldn't live in 'contrib/'. Junio is already thretening to
remove stuff out of contrib even when development behaves as the Git
core does, so it makes more sense for stuff that doesn't.

Felipe Contreras
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