On Tue, May 6, 2014 at 8:23 AM, Michael Haggerty <mhag...@alum.mit.edu> wrote:
> On 05/06/2014 12:57 AM, Ronnie Sahlberg wrote:
>> This is a single patch that adds two new functions to try to hide the reflog
>> implementation details from the callers in checkout.c and reflog.c.
>> It adds new functions to test if a reflog exists and to delete it, thus
>> allowing checkout.c to perform this if-test-then-delete operation without
>> having to know the internal implementation of reflogs (i.e. that they are 
>> files
>> that live unde r.git/logs)
>> It also changes checkout.c to use ref_exists when checking for whether a ref
>> exists or not instead of checking if the loose ref file exists or not.
>> Using ref_exists instead both hides the reflog implementation details from
>> checkout.c as well as making the code more robust against future changes.
>> It currently has a hard assumption that the loose ref file must exist at this
>> stage or else it would end up deleting the reflog which is true today, as far
>> as I can tell, but would break if git would change such that we could have
>> a branch checked out without having a loose ref file for that branch.
> For single patches, people usually don't send a separate cover letter.
> Any comments that you want to make that are not suitable for the commit
> message can go between the "---" line and the diffstat of the patch email.
> Regarding this change, I think before too long we will also need an API
> to turn reflogs on for a reference.  We might want to add a flag to ref
> transaction entries that cause the reflog to be created if it doesn't
> already exist.  Reflogs can currently be created for a reference via the
> config setting "core.logAllRefUpdates" or (for branches) by "git branch
> --create-reflog" (maybe there are others).

Yes. I agree.

I think we need a flag to ref_transaction_create and ref_transaction_update to
create a new reflog.

Then I also think we need to add a new transaction command,
ref_transaction_reflog() that can be used to either append or overwrite the
reflog.  Builtin/reflog.c will need an API to create/overwrite the reflog
with new text.

And finally we also need an api to create symrefs.
ref_transaction_symref() or something.

But this will wait until my current patch series is merged.

> Several tests in the test suite currently create reflog files by hand.
> Thus we might also need a way to create reflogs at the command line by
> the time we implement pluggable reference backends.

I can add this once we have an api.

> Michael
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> Michael Haggerty
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