On 08/05/14 18:54, Jianyu Zhan wrote:
> Usually, a trivial change(like coding style fix) may bury a
> original change of the code, and thus git blame is of less
> help. And to address this situation, I have to do like this:
>    git blame -s REF^ <file-in-question> > temp
> to dig into the history recursively by hand, to find out
> the original change.
> Here, REF is commit-id that git blame reports.
> git log -L is a good alternative option, but sometimes it seems
> too cubersome, as I care only one line of code.
> Is there any current solution or suggestion?

I use "git gui blame" for this all the time at $dayjob. If there aren't
too many of these code clean ups then the eclipse git integration is
also handy for this but it will suffer from the same issues as git blame.

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