Nathan Collins <> writes:

>> What would you propose to make clickable in a renaming diff, though?
> Your 'Index' header looks good, and I would expect a renaming diff to
> have something like
>   Index: foo -> bar
> as in 'git status',

Heh, please don't call "Index:" *mine* --- It is a CVS abomination

For renames and copies, we do have separate "rename from" and
"rename to" in the extended header part, so there is no reason to
worry about them at all.  I would suggest showing the name _after_
the change (unless it is a deletion---instead of showing /dev/null
to signal that it was deleted, show the original filename) for
consistency so that users can do "show -p | grep '^Index: ' to see
what resulting paths there are without missing the renamed ones.

> but I just realized that a "clickable paths"
> option already exists in some sense! There is a '--patch-with-raw'
> option...

I do not think that would be useful (neither --stat which would be
more commonly used for other reasosn), because these come at the top
and by the time you see individual patch, they may be long scrolled
off the top of the screen.

Of course, the CVS "Index:" or "rename to" would be the same thing
if a file is heavily modified, so it may not be too big a deal, but
as I said, I never felt any need to double-click, so I wouldn't be
the best judge.

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