On Thu, May 08, 2014 at 01:52:38PM -0700, Junio C Hamano wrote:

>              (                                         103) 
>     7bbc458b (Kyle J. McKay  2014-04-22 04:16:22 -0700 104) test_expect_...
>              (                                         105)         test...
>     7bbc458b (Kyle J. McKay  2014-04-22 04:16:22 -0700 106)         git ...
>              (                                         107)         test...
> which does away with the misleading information altogether.
> I myself is leaning towards the latter between the two, and not
> overriding "-b" but introducing another "cleanse the output of
> useless bottom information even more" option.

Though I rarely use boundary commits, this one makes the most sense to
me (when I do use them, I just mentally assume that the information in
the boundary line is useless; this is just making that more apparent).

Coincidentally, I recently came across a malformed commit that had a
bogus empty committer name and email. The "git log" pretty-printer omits
the author and committer lines entirely. "blame" will show "(unknown)"
in the name field. I wonder if it should also switch to a formatted
blank as above (but _do_ print the commit).

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