Stefan Beller wrote:
> >
> > It is serious.
> >
> > The purpose of the 'contrib/' area is not clear. The statemens coming
> > from Junio don't match what is on 'contrib/README'. So we have a huge
> > variance of quality all over 'contrib/'. Some tools in contrib have
> > higher quality than what is part of the core (e.g. they have tests,
> > while git-archimport doesn't).
> How about rewriting the README then?

To say what?

> Also as I said in another mail, we could split up the contrib/ area
> into multiple areas with narrow defined use-cases, i.e. staging/,
> Documentation/historicTools (the current contrib/examples section),
> 3rdPartyTools/, Bridges/ (for cooperating with other VCS).

That won't fix the issue that these tools are not maintained. A separate
repository 'git-cruft' might do.

Felipe Contreras
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