On 05/09/2014 04:09 AM, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> (cc-ing Pete Wyckoff who maintains git-p4 and Michael Haggerty
> who maintains git-multimail)
> William Giokas wrote:
>>      - We follow PEP-8 (http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0008/).
>> It's even the first thing that you see when you go looking for 'python'
>> in the coding style document. I just ran every file in the tree that
>> either ended in '.py' or had a python #!, and was greeted with a whole
>> bunch of output::
>>     ./git-p4.py
>>     ./contrib/svn-fe/svnrdump_sim.py
>>     ./contrib/remote-helpers/git-remote-bzr
>>     ./contrib/hooks/multimail/post-receive
>>     ./contrib/hooks/multimail/migrate-mailhook-config
>>     ./contrib/hooks/multimail/git_multimail.py
>>     ./contrib/hooks/multimail/README
>>     ./contrib/hg-to-git/hg-to-git.py
>>     ./contrib/gitview/gitview
>>     ./contrib/fast-import/import-zips.py
> Thanks for running this check.  Passing on the result to the
> maintainers of some of those scripts in case they have thoughts.
> [...]

Thanks for the heads-up, William and Jonathan.  I wasn't aware of the
pep8 tool.  Though I think it enforces a couple of rules that go a bit
beyond PEP8, I don't mind conforming to it, at least with options

    --max-line-length=99 --hang-closing

I just committed a change to my upstream repository that gets pep8 to
run cleanly on all Python files.

I don't think it is worth making an extra code drop to Git just to push
these mild stylistic changes, but if somebody disagrees you know where
to find my repo.


Michael Haggerty
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