Jeff King wrote:
> On Thu, May 08, 2014 at 09:01:32PM -0500, Felipe Contreras wrote:
> > > Are you planning on CC'ing the (inactive) authors/maintainers
> > > so they know that if they care they should host those elsewhere?
> > 
> > They are already Cc'ed.
> I don't think you were very thorough on this. Of the three remaining
> contrib projects I authored (and for which I am the top shortlog entry),
> you cc'd me on one. For contrib/persistent-https, you did not cc Colby,
> who is the sole author. I didn't look beyond that.

I already explained:
> That's right, and they are Cc'ed so they can respond.  Some tools have
> only one commit or two, and in those I didn't even bother Cc'ing
> anyone.

contrib/persistent-https consist of a *single* commit, I didn't bother
with those.

> If we are going to remove projects so they can be maintained out of
> tree, it seems like the prudent thing to do is make sure the original
> author is aware so that they can actually start maintaining it out of
> tree.

And how do you determine the author? We don't have a MAINTAINERS like
Linux. Is it the first commit?

Felipe Contreras
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