Jeff King <> writes:

> Does running the tests as a non-root user fix it? If so, I think we have
> a few options in git:
>   1. Add a User directive to our httpd.conf. I doubt this is a good
>      idea to do unconditionally, as a non-root apache would probably be
>      unhappy with it.
>   2. Add a User directive when we detect that the tests are running as
>      root.  This might work, but I'm a bit iffy, as we do not know the
>      appropriate username for the system (e.g., "nobody" versus
>      "www-data" versus something else).
>   3. Just disable the http tests when run as root.
> I think I'd favor 3. But I'd like to be sure that being root is the
> problem.

I agree with both the conclusion and the precondition.

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