On 05/11/2014 08:41 AM, Storm-Olsen, Marius wrote:
On 5/10/2014 9:10 PM, Sitaram Chamarty wrote:

     1. Clone remote repo
     2. Hack hack hack
     3. Fork repo on server
     4. Push changes to your own remote repo
is equally efficient.

Your suggestions are good for a manual setup where the target repo
doesn't already exist.

But what I was looking for was validation from git.git folks of the idea
of replicating what "git clone -l" does, for an *existing* repo.

For example, I'm assuming that bringing in only the objects -- without
any of the refs pointing to them, making them all dangling objects --
will still allow the optimisation to occur (i.e., git will still say "oh
yeah I have these objects, even if they're dangling so I won't ask for
them from the pusher" and not "oh these are dangling objects; so I don't
recognise them from this perspective -- you'll have to send me those

[1]: for any gitolite-aware folks reading this: this involves mirroring,
bringing a new mirror into play, normal repos, wild repos, and on and
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