Torsten Bögershausen:

The function git_wcwidth() returns for a given unicode code point the
width on the display:
-1 for control characters,
0 for combining or other non-visible code points
1 for e.g. ASCII
2 for double-width code points.

This all looks sane, but the problem is that this is also context-dependent since there are a lot of characters with "ambiguous" widths, i.e., characters that are "double" width for CJK locales (and fonts), but "single" width for others. This includes Greek and Cyrillic characters, which are encoded using the double-byte parts of the CJK DBCS encodings.

I'm not quite sure how much impact this would have on day-to-day Git operation in a CJK locale, however, as I guess they would mostly encounter texts in their own language (which would mostly be "double" width) or English (which would be unambiguously "single" width).

Anyone on the list running Git in a CJK locale that would like to weigh in here?

\\// Peter -
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