William Giokas <1007...@gmail.com> writes:

> +try:
> +    from mercurial.changegroup import getbundle
> +
> +except ImportError:
> +    def getbundle(repo, **kwargs):
> +        return repo.getbundle(**kwargs)
> +
>  import re
>  import sys
>  import os
> @@ -985,7 +992,8 @@ def push_unsafe(repo, remote, parsed_refs, p_revs):
>      if not checkheads(repo, remote, p_revs):
>          return None
> -    cg = repo.getbundle('push', heads=list(p_revs), common=common)
> +    cg = getbundle(repo=repo, source='push', heads=list(p_revs),
> +                   common=common)

Yikes, this is starting to look bad, but the thing being in Python,
perhaps that is the best we could do if we want a solution that is
viable in the longer term.

As a short-term band-aid to be merged/cherry-picked to maintenance
tracks post 2.0 final, I actually would prefer 58aee086 (remote-hg:
add support for hg v3.0, 2014-05-03) for its simplicity.

I dunno.  Thankfully I do not have to decide right now ;-)
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