Jeff King <> writes:

> The memory ownership of the "argv" array of a "struct child_process" can
> be tricky. The child_process does not own the memory, but it must remain
> valid until finish_command runs. That's easy for cases where we call
> start_command and finish_command in the same function: you can use a
> local array variable, or use an argv_array and cleanup afterwards.
> But it's easy to screw up in cases where you want to start a command in
> one function and finish it in another, either by pointing to invalid
> storage during finish_command, or by leaking dynamically allocated
> memory.
> This series sticks an argv_array inside the "struct child_process",
> which we clean up automatically.  Because some callers might not want to
> use it, it's optional. If you provide "argv", we use that, and
> otherwise fall back to the internal array.
> The first commit below does that. The second fixes an uninitialized
> memory access. 3, 4, and 5 plug memory leaks. 6 is just a cleanup for
> consistency with the changes in 4 and 5.
> And in 2, 3, and 5 we are introducing argv_array into new spots, which
> simplifies the code and gets rid of magic numbers.

Nicely done.
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