On Sat, May 17, 2014 at 08:41:32AM +0200, Christian Couder wrote:

> @@ -63,6 +64,14 @@ OPTIONS
>  --delete::
>       Delete existing replace refs for the given objects.
> +--edit <object>::
> +     Launch an editor to let the user change the content of
> +     <object>, then create a new object of the same type with the
> +     changed content, and create a replace ref to replace <object>
> +     with the new object. See linkgit:git-commit[1] and
> +     linkgit:git-var[1] for details about how the editor will be
> +     chosen.

I found the first sentence a little hard to parse, and there are a few
more details that might be worth mentioning:

  --edit <object>::
    Edit an object's content interactively. The existing content for
    <object> is pretty-printed into a temporary file, an editor is
    launched on the file, and the result is parsed to create a new
    object of the same type as <object>. A replacement ref is then
    created to replace <object> with the newly created object.

I do not know if it is worth mentioning git-commit and git-var here. But
if we want to, I think git-var is sufficient (git-commit seems to mostly
just points at git-var these days).

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