Karen Etheridge wrote:
> scenario: 
> - edit some tracked files; do not add them to the index
> - "git config rebase.autostash true"
> - "git rebase -i HEAD~3" (an autostash will be created)
> - delete the entire buffer and save/exit the editor - this will abort the
>   rebase
> poof, the autostash is gone (it is not reapplied) -- it must be explicitly
> applied again via the SHA that was printed earlier.

Yeah, I noticed this issue while rewriting `git rebase` in Ruby. I also
noticed many other issues and inconsistencies that happen depending on what
arguments you pass to `git rebase`.

I'm in the process of writing a much more improved and consistent
`git rebase` in Ruby with a different interface. Sadly it's still not ready.

> (please cc me; I am not subscribed to the list.)

No need to say that, only on mailing lists that do Reply-To munging, and
Git is not one of them.


Felipe Contreras
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