Today I've issue a problem with git.

I've start a little project on github ( https://github.com/Djabx/mgd ).
And I used https://stackedit.io/ for editing my README.md file.

When I publish it on my repo (stackedit), I've set the destination
file path to "./README.md".

The problem is, that Git commit and create a '.' directory.
Visible here: 

The '.' directory is not the same as the root directory; you can see
that the /README.md and /./README.md are different.

I've reported the bug to stackedit (
) who ignore it (not their fault).
Asked about it on stackoverflow:
And finally found a work around.

My question is, is it really "normal" that a '.' directory is accepted by git ?
Shouldn't it be a "special" case ?

Thanks for your time.

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