Jeff King <> writes:

> It might make sense to just teach parse_commit_header to be a little
> more thorough; it has to read past those lines anyway to find the author
> and committer lines, so it would not be much more expensive to note
> them.  And then of course the code needs to be pulled out of the
> pretty-printer and made generally accessible.

I notice that you said "might" above.

> That's more or less what Christian's function is doing, though it
> assumes things like that the parents come immediately after the tree,
> and that they are all in a group. Those are all true for objects created
> by git, but I think we can be a little flexible.

The headers up to committer are cast in stone in their ordering, and
I do not immediately see how loosening it would be beneficial.

Unless you are trying to give users a new way to record exactly the
same commit in twenty-four (or more) ways with their own object
names, that is ;-)
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