On Mon, 19 May 2014, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> If Ubuntu does not want to use highlight, it can apply a change like the 
> patch in question as part of their fork to make the end result 
> consistent and they are failing to do so.

Sure, Ubuntu can apply that patch, but the larger problem remains: if the 
Ubuntu packaging is even slightly different from Debian’s, it is no longer 
eligible for automatic synchronization from Debian.

When that has happened in the past, the result was that the Ubuntu version 
languished far behind the Debian version, because Canonical doesn’t have 
the manpower to manually merge every Debian update.  Ubuntu 9.04 shipped 
with Git instead of because they had failed to update 
their packaging after patching out a dependency on cvsps.

If this Ubuntu nonsense were obstructing something important upstream, 
then of course I would be yelling at Ubuntu to get their act together; in 
that case, I filed a main inclusion report to get Canonical to officially 
support cvsps (https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/369111) so Ubuntu could 
drop their patch.  But here we’re talking about syntax highlighting in one 
page of internal documentation that basically nobody is going to read, and 
that argument wouldn’t carry any weight.

We could put the patch into Debian instead of Ubuntu to eliminate the 
Ubuntu delta; Jonathan has been friendly enough to Ubuntu that I think he 
would grudgingly agree.  But I’m submitting it upstream because other 
distros will eventually run into the same problem: there’s no obvious cue 
that source-highlight needs to be added as a new dependency besides a 
warning message buried in the middle of the build log.

> How bad does the documentation look with the patch applied (I know how 
> bad it looks without source-highlight installed)?  If it is not too bad, 
> then it sounds like a sensible solution to drop the highlight markup 
> unconditionally like the patch that started this thread does, taking the 
> "common denominator" approach.  You seem to agree, and I do not object, 
> either.

Original version with syntax-highlight installed (pretty):

Original version with syntax-highlight missing (corrupted):

Patched version (boring but readable):

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