On 2014-05-19 19:46, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> "Jason St. John" <jstj...@purdue.edu> writes:
>> @@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ Updates since v1.9 series
>>  UI, Workflows & Features
>>   * The "multi-mail" post-receive hook (in contrib/) has been updated
>> -   to a more recent version from the upstream.
>> +   to a more recent version from upstream.
> Hmph, I have only one multi-mail upstream; shouldn't I call it "the"
> upstream from my point of view?

Plain "upstream" (without "the") is correct because it's an adverb, not
a noun.  (Alternatively, this could be written "from the upstream
repository" or "from the upstream project".)

>> @@ -217,7 +218,7 @@ notes for details).
>>   * "git diff --no-index -Mq a b" fell into an infinite loop.
>>     (merge ad1c3fb jc/fix-diff-no-index-diff-opt-parse later to maint).
>> - * "git fetch --prune", when the right-hand-side of multiple fetch
>> + * "git fetch --prune", when the right-hand side of multiple fetch
>>     refspecs overlap (e.g. storing "refs/heads/*" to
> Hmph, I read this as a "right-hand", a multi-word adjective, is used
> to describe one "side" (the other side being the "left-hand side").
> Otherwise, you would be writing command-line-option, no?

Are you reading the diff backwards?  (The second hyphen is being
removed, not added.)

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