Alexey Shumkin <> writes:

> AFAIU, Junio already applied my patches (existance of a branch
> as/pretty-truncate tells us that). So, we can only send other patches that
> fix errors brought with former patches.

No, NO, NOOOOO....

The existence of a branch merely means that I saw the patches, and
that I thought that the series was not completely useless.  In other
words, it indicates that I wanted to make sure that I won't forget
about the topic, and it was worth my time to create the branch and
apply there for that purpose.

Please do not read anything more than that.  Presense of a topic
branch by itself does not say that I _read_ the patches or I thought
they did not need reroll.

When such a branch is merged to 'next', that means I read the
patches myself, or I saw somebody whose judgement I and others in
the community trust read them and gave a positive response or an
Ack, and that I decided that the topic is in a good enough shape to
be worked on further with incremental updates.

You are talking about the latter state, but as/pretty-truncate is in
the former state.
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