I have a client that still uses svn, but I decided to version my work
on the project with git locally - using git svn to sync the svn and my
local git repo.

To have a backup , I additionally push my changes to a remote git repository.

Now, many(maybe every) times when doing the git push to the remote git
repository, after having done an svn dcommit to sync to the remote
svn, the push gets rejected:

"... Updates were rejected because the tip of your current branch is behind
hint: its remote counterpart...."

You'd say, can happen, when some developers work against the remote
git repo, others with svn. But I'm the only developer on the project,
and no one ever commits to the remote svn nor the remote git repo. So,
I'm clueless.

How can I find out what happens and how to prevent that?

Thanks in advance,

Henning Sprang
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