Elia Pinto <gitter.spi...@gmail.com> writes:

> This is version 2 of the patch to git-submodule of the 
> patch series "convert  test -a/-o to && and ||". 
> It contains the fixes identified by Johannes and
> Matthieu. 

This version of the patch (not the whole series) is

Reviewed-by: Matthieu Moy <matthieu....@imag.fr>

Some comments for next time:

* I agree with Johannes that splitting the series with one patch per
  file is not the right way to split. As a reviewer, I want to

  - check that -a trivially translates to &&
  - check that -o trivially translates to ||
  - check non-trivial cases

  Interleaving these cases (especially the trivial and non-trivial
  cases) makes the review much harder. For this kind of series, the
  change is trivial, but the review is not (Johannes caught a || Vs &&
  inversion that I didn't find for example, which is quite serious), so
  the "optimize your patches for review" is even more important than

* Again, to avoid mixing trivial and non-trivial changes, ...

> @@ -1059,13 +1059,17 @@ cmd_summary() {
>               while read mod_src mod_dst sha1_src sha1_dst status sm_path
>               do
>                       # Always show modules deleted or type-changed 
> (blob<->module)
> -                     test $status = D -o $status = T && echo "$sm_path" && 
> continue
> +                     case "$status" in
> +                     [DT])
> +                             printf '%s\n' "$sm_path" &&
> +                             continue
> +                     esac

turning a echo into a printf is good, but would be better done

Matthieu Moy
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