On Thu, May 22, 2014 at 12:27:38AM -0700, Kyle J. McKay wrote:

> Yeah I think so too.  It's probably enough though just to just strip all " "
> and "\t" characters at the same time the content type is lowercased.  While
> that would cause invalid content types such as "text / plain" to be
> recognized it would keep the rest of the code simpler.  Since a producer of
> an invalid content type shouldn't really be depending on any particular
> behavior by a receiver of an invalid content type it's probably not an
> issue.

I think you have to retain whitespace between parameters. Not that I
expect there to be multiple parameters in a text/plain, but it's

I started doing this path of trying to produce a normalized version, but
found that it was just as much code as parsing at all (and it still
leaves the calling code to do its own parse). Instead, what I ended up
with was just doing the parsing in http.c into nice, normalized chunks,
and then the calling code can compare them with simple strcmps.

I'll post the patches in a few minutes.

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