5-22 14.48, Elia Pinto wrote:
>> Found by check-non-portable-shell.pl
> Thanks for picking this up
>> -export TEST_DIRECTORY=$(pwd)/../../../t
>> +TEST_DIRECTORY=$(pwd)/../../../t && export TEST_DIRECTORY
> Minor remark:
> Both commands should go on their own line, like this:
> TEST_DIRECTORY=$(pwd)/../../../t &&
Apparently they are both common idioms and I find no indication in the

I have no problems rerolling  this simple patch, but i need to know
what is the (git) right style in this case.


cd ./git-core

 grep "&&.*export" *.sh
git-am.sh:          GIT_MERGE_VERBOSITY=0 && export GIT_MERGE_VERBOSITY
git-filter-branch.sh:   echo "case \"\$GIT_$1_NAME\" in \"\")
GIT_$1_NAME=\"\${GIT_$1_EMAIL%%@*}\" && export GIT_$1_NAME;; esac"
git-filter-branch.sh:   GIT_DIR="$ORIG_GIT_DIR" && export GIT_DIR
git-rebase--merge.sh:           GIT_MERGE_VERBOSITY=1 && export
git-remote-testgit.sh:GIT_DIR="$url/.git" && export GIT_DIR
git-stash.sh:                           GIT_INDEX_FILE="$TMPindex" &&
export GIT_INDEX_FILE &&
git-stash.sh:           GIT_MERGE_VERBOSITY=0 && export GIT_MERGE_VERBOSITY

grep 'export.*&&' *.sh
git-stash.sh:                           GIT_INDEX_FILE="$TMPindex" &&
export GIT_INDEX_FILE &&
git-stash.sh:                   export GIT_INDEX_FILE &&

> And, unrelated to this patch,
> there seem to be a lot of && missing in git-remote-testgit.sh.
> But this should be a seperate patch, I think.
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