Jeremiah Mahler <> writes:

> I just notice that my patch is in 'pu'.
> But it is version 7 instead of the improved version 8.

Yeah, I know.  In a distributed environment, multiple people work
independently and a sequence of event can go like this:

 - I read v7, comment, and queue it only so that I won't forget;
 - I attend to other topics;
 - I start the day's integration cycle, merging topics to the
   integration branches, maint, master, next and pu;
 - You reroll v8 and post it;
 - I may not notice v8, or I may notice v8 but think it is not
   worth to discard the integration work so far only to replace
   v7 with v8.
 - The integration result is pushed out.

A reminder is very much appreciated, but on the other hand it is not
something unusual.  It happens all the time, and I usually am aware
of it ;-)

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