Jens Lindström <> writes:

>> Puzzled....
> There is one reason why one would want to call delete_ref() even if
> the ref itself was already fully deleted by repack_without_refs()
> (because it was only packed) and that is that delete_ref() also
> removes the ref log, if there is one.

Ahh, ok, no longer puzzled---I completely forgot about that part.

> We could refactor the deletion to
>   1) repack_without_refs() on all refs
>   2) delete_ref() on still existing (loose) refs
>   3) delete_ref_log() on all refs
> to let us only call delete_ref() on existing refs, and then keep the
> current value check.

I tend to agree that it is sufficient for the purpose of this topic
to be loose about the check; the refactoring can come later, as part
of the ref-transaction refactoring that is going on in a separate
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