Eric Sunshine <> writes:

>> -cat >check-for-diff <<EOF
>> -exec grep '^diff --git' "\$1"
>> +write_script check-for-diff <<-EOF
>> +       exec grep '^diff --git' "\$1"
> Food for thought:
> The original code used <<EOF since it needed $SHELL_PATH to be
> evaluated at script creation time, and took special care to escape $1
> in the 'grep' invocation since $1 should be evaluated only at script
> execution time.
> With the change to write_script(), nothing within the here-doc
> requires evaluation, yet you are still using the evaluating <<-EOF
> form (and manually escaping $1). The intent might be clearer if you
> switch to <<-\EOF which suppresses evaluation (and drop the manual
> escaping of $1).
> The same observation applies to the new write_script() invocation to
> create check-for-no-diff in patch 5.

Very good comments.  Thanks.
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