Jeff King <peff <at>> writes:

> Makes sense. Curious if there was a reason we did not use it in the
> first place, I looked at the history. The reason is that mailmap.file
> was added in d551a48 (2009-02-08) and git_config_pathname came months
> later in 395de25 (2009-11-17). Retro-fitting it now should not cause a
> problem for any sane paths. So:
> Reviewed-by: Jeff King <peff <at>>
> -Peff
Thanks for the review. 

I saw it was added back in 2009 but didn't give it much thought other
than "Oh, that bug has been there for a long time!" :) (Not that this is
a serious bug as such, more than a slight inconsistency in how the path
is handled compared to other config values expected to be paths)


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