> Felipe Contreras wrote:
>> == git update ==
>> Another proposed solution is to have a new command: `git update`. This
>> command would be similar to `git pull --ff-only` by default, but it
>> could be configured to do merges instead, and when doing so in reverse.
> And here it is:
> https://github.com/felipec/git/commits/fc/update
> Here's the documentation:
> https://github.com/felipec/git/wiki/git-update
> Works exactly as expected: non-fast-forwards are rejected by default,
> but can be configured, and parents are reversed when merging.

I know patches from Felipe are sensitive subject and that a lot of
people probably simply ignore him entirely, however I think this patch
deserves more attention.

>From what I read, it seems to really improve the "pull" issues and is
more or less in line with what Junio suggested what should be done in
[1]. So the goal of this mail is just to make sure people consider it
for inclusion.

Sorry if I missed a thread where it was already decided not to include it.

Felipe, please don't use this to start any non-constructive behavior
(rant on who is right/wrong, "my patches are not accepted", etc).


[1] http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.version-control.git/248258
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