Am 27.05.2014 18:47, schrieb Dale R. Worley:
> Even doing a 'git reset' does not put the repository in a state where
> 'git fsck' will complete:

You have to remove the offending commit also from the reflog.

The following snipped creates an offending commit, big_file is 2GB which
is too large for git on windows, and later removes it completely so that
git fsck passes again.

git init
echo 1 > some_file
git add some_file
git commit -m "add some_file"
git add big_file
git commit -m "add big_file" # reports malloc error without the -q flag
git log --stat # malloc error
git reset HEAD^1
git fsck --full --strict --verbose # fails
git reflog expire --expire=now --all # remove all reflog entries
git gc --prune=now
git fsck --full --strict --verbose # passes
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