Am 29.05.2014 04:07, schrieb Jonathan Leonard:
> The title pretty much says it all.

But you do not give much information about your special use
case. I assume you have submodule repositories for which some
developers have a valid ssh key and others don't (maybe
because they should only have read access via https)?

If that is the case you might want to look into access control
tools like gitolite.

>  Lack of this feature (or presence
> of this bug [depending on your perspective]) is a major PITA.

But why is https special? Why not fall back to the git
protocol? Or http? (And no: I'm not serious here ;-)

After the first failed clone of the submodule at via SSH the
developer could also just do a

   git config submodule.<name>.url https://host/repo

and override the URL from .gitmodules.

But maybe I misunderstood why you want to have a fall back?
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