On 30 May 2014, Junio C. Hamano said:

> Nix <n...@esperi.org.uk> writes:
>> (signed off with my work email address for paranoia's sake.)
> As long as your employer is fine with your patch contributed to us,

My employer encourages it.

> and assuming that the patch was done on your employer's time, it

That is hard to define, but I use this copy of git for work purposes as
well as non-work purposes, so I arbitrarily define it as done on their

> would be the right thing to do ;-).  Just FYI, if your From: address
> on your e-mail does not match that address, you can start your
> message body with "From: Nick Alcock <nick.alc...@oracle.com>", a
> blank line and then the true body of your message.

Yeah, I oscillated on that and picked the wrong option in the end. :)
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