Marc Branchaud <> writes:

> The docs say that all the fetched refs are written to FETCH_HEAD (perhaps a
> more accurate name would have been FETCH_HEADS?).  If that's truly the case,
> it seems weird to use FETCH_HEAD in log and merge commands.  (My FETCH_HEAD
> file currently has 1434 lines in it -- what does that mean, and what does it
> imply for those log and merge commands?)

The "fetch" that was run by "pull" would have arranged the single
remote ref that your "pull" merged to your then-current branch to
the very beginning of FETCH_HEAD, so "git log FETCH_HEAD" would show
the line of development from that ref, and "git merge FETCH_HEAD"
would also merge what your "pull" would have merged.

> Perhaps FETCH_HEAD shouldn't be mentioned at all in the introductory part of
> fetch's man page.

A possible downside is that unreasonable people can use the lack
of mention of FETCH_HEAD as an excuse to start making noises about
removing the feature.

Also, a natural way to peek into somebody else's history without
making a permanent damage to your own repository, is:

    $ git fetch $repository_of_marc master && git log FETCH_HEAD

As such a one-shot fetch from a random place does not use (and does
not want to use) any remote-tracking branch, knowing that FETCH_HEAD
is available for such a purpose would help people who want to script
such a thing.
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