On 14-06-03 06:16 PM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> It is misleading to mention that <ref> that does not store is to
> fetch the ref into FETCH_HEAD, because a refspec that does store is
> also to fetch the LHS into FETCH_HEAD.  It is doubly misleading to
> list it as part of "short-cut".  <ref> stands for a refspec that has
> it on the LHS with a colon and an empty RHS, and that definition
> should be given at the beginning of the entry where the format is
> defined.
> Tentatively remove this misleading description, which leaves the
> `tag <tag>` as the only true short-hand, so move it at the beginning
> of the entry.

Well that neatly solves the missing empty line problem...  :)


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