Jens Lehmann <> writes:

> Am 04.06.2014 00:16, schrieb Junio C Hamano:
>> * jl/status-added-submodule-is-never-ignored (2014-04-07) 2 commits
>>  - commit -m: commit staged submodules regardless of ignore config
>>  - status/commit: show staged submodules regardless of ignore config
>>  There also are a few patches Ronald Weiss and Jens are working on
>>  polishing around this topic, and a patch from Jens each for gitk
>>  and git-gui.
>>  Waiting for the dust to settle until picking them up all.
> To me it looks like the dust settled enough around that part of the
> topic and I remember consensus about that change. But it would be
> nice to have the gitk and git-gui patches in at the same time.

Yes, what I meant was that after the dust settled, it may turn out
that these two may need to be adjusted.  If these two commits can be
used without any change as a base for any further development, that
is good---shall I move it back to "Cooking" category?

>> * jl/submodule-recursive-checkout (2013-12-26) 5 commits
>>  - Teach checkout to recursively checkout submodules
>>  - submodule: teach unpack_trees() to update submodules
>>  - submodule: teach unpack_trees() to repopulate submodules
>>  - submodule: teach unpack_trees() to remove submodule contents
>>  - submodule: prepare for recursive checkout of submodules
>>  An RFCv2 exists ($gmane/241455) with sizable review comments.
>>  Expecting a reroll.
> Will do, but only after I rerolled the submodule test harness
> ($gmane/245048) soonish, as I intend to reuse the infrastructure
> introduced there for tests.
>> * jh/submodule-tests (2014-04-17) 1 commit
>>  - t7410: 210 tests for various 'git submodule update' scenarios
> Will look deeper into that one in the next days, we really need more
> test coverage in that area.

OK. Thanks.
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