My name is Fran, we are a development team who uses git. We have our 
Development Environment in the server office (Windows 2008 R2) where everything 
runs without problems. We are planning to move to Windows Azure so we bought a 
virtual server to try our Development Environment and check the performance and 
if we will be able to do everything we are doing at the moment in the office 
server in the virtual server (Windows Azure).

We came across with a problem when installing Git in the Virtual server (Window 
Azure - Windows 2012 R2 64bits)

All the installation process went ok (except once that it didn't finished, the 
only thing missing was the Environment Variable that I had to introduce 
manually) , the only problem is that when we run in the Window Command Prompt 
the command 'git' the command prompt crashes and do not respond anymore.

This is the installation options we have tried:

First installation (Git 1.9.2)
        Windows Explorer integration (Advanced context menu git-cheetah plugin)
        Use Git from the Windows Command Prompt
Second installation (Git 1.9.2)
        Windows Explorer integration (Git Bash Here, Git GUI Here)
        Use Git from the Windows command prompt
Third installation (Portable Git 1.9.0)
        We have try as well downloading the portable version and setting the 
Environment variables

All the installations cause the same behaviour in the command prompt when 
running the command 'git' on it

If you need any more information (screenshoots...) that could be useful for 
you, let me know and I will send it over.

Many thanks.

Kind regards,
Fran Mico
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