Am 06.06.2014 23:29, schrieb Peter Krefting:
> Stepan Kasal:
>> +    /* only called from console_thread, so a static buffer will do */
>> +    static wchar_t wbuf[2 * BUFFER_SIZE + 1];
> Wouldn't BUFFER_SIZE + 1 (or even BUFFER_SIZE) do here? If you convert from 
> up to BUFFER_SIZE octets of UTF-8 input, you should never get back more than 
> BUFFER_SIZE code units of UTF-16 output. Worst case would be ASCII, which is 
> one UTF-16 code unit per UTF-8 octet, everything else is less (non-BMP is 
> four UTF-8 octets mapping to two UTF-16 code units).

You're right for MultiByteToWideChar. However, the next patch series will 
introduce another conversion function that converts invalid UTF-8 to hex code, 
i.e. two wide chars per invalid UTF-8 char, +1 for L'\0' (see [1] mingw.h:365ff 
for space requirement rationale). And yet another patch will replace this 
patch's MultiByteToWideChar for consistentcy [2].

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