Am 07.06.2014 08:07, schrieb Arup Rakshit:
> Hi,
> I am working in a project, where I am using *Git*. Today, I have been advised 
> by my manager to do some change and it was an urgent request. I did the 
> change 
> and tested also, All was working fine. The big mistake I did, all the changes 
> I 
> made in the *master* branch without creating a topic a branch. So, once I 
> done 
> with the changes I did *git push origin master* and the changed got merged to 
> *master* branch of the remote repository. I know this is not a good practice, 
> all happened accidentally. 
> Now my question is in such a case, if I see, something wrong I pushed and 
> merged to the remote repo's *master* branch, how to restore it to its 
> previous 
> stage using *git* ? 

Assuming that the remote master branch is tracked in your local
repository, the following should do it:

  git push origin origin/master@{1}:master

The plus forces a non-fast-forward push. See 'man gitrevisions' about
the foo@{1} syntax before you run the command.

-- Hannes

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