Currently, the data in a strbuf is modified using add operations.  To
set the buffer to some data a reset must be performed before an add.
  strbuf_add(buf, cb.buf.buf, cb.buf.len);
And this is a common sequence of operations with 70 occurrences found in
the current source code.  This includes all the different variations
(add, addf, addstr, addbuf, addch).
  FILES=`find ./ -name '*.c'`
  CNT=$(pcregrep -M "strbuf_reset.*\n.*strbuf_add" $FILES | wc -l)
  CNT=$(echo "$CNT / 2" | bc)
  echo $CNT
These patches add strbuf_set operations which allow this common sequence
to be performed in one line instead of two.
  strbuf_set(buf, cb.buf.buf, cb.buf.len);

Only the first few files have been converted in this preliminary patch set.

Jeremiah Mahler (5):
  add strbuf_set operations
  add strbuf_set operations documentation
  sha1_name.c: cleanup using strbuf_set operations
  fast-import.c: cleanup using strbuf_set operations
  builtin/remote.c: cleanup using strbuf_set operations

 Documentation/technical/api-strbuf.txt | 18 ++++++++++++
 builtin/remote.c                       | 51 ++++++++++++----------------------
 fast-import.c                          | 19 ++++---------
 sha1_name.c                            | 15 ++++------
 strbuf.c                               | 21 ++++++++++++++
 strbuf.h                               | 14 ++++++++++
 6 files changed, 81 insertions(+), 57 deletions(-)


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