Dale Worley <wor...@alum.mit.edu> writes:

> (As far as I can tell from Git's behavior, the definition of tracked file is
> "any file that is in the base commit or in the index".  Based on that
> definition, "git reset --hard" is working as documented.)

The book (whichever book you guys are talking about) is wrong, if it
considers only the paths in the HEAD commit tracked.  After the user
deliberately does "git add" a path not in HEAD, the user runs any
command (e.g. "git apply --index", "git cherry-pick --no-commit")
that may bring a path not in HEAD to the result without recording a
new commit that updates the HEAD, a new path is recorded in the
index and that path is considered "tracked" before the resulting
contents in the index is made into a commit.

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